RateMyEspresso – NYC Espresso Ratings
DK is a European immigrant who loves great espresso. Upon immigrating to New York, she quickly realized that good espresso is quite rare Stateside. RateMyEspresso is her forum to identify and expose the best and the worst espresso NYC has to offer.

Not So Shitty Espresso

Chock full o’Nuts Café at Gristede’s

RateMyEspresso Rating: NOT SO SHITTY Thoughts:  Buying your espresso at the entrance of a grocery store does not typically inspire confidence, but the Chock full o’Nuts Café delivers a shot of espresso that was relatively ...

Jul, 04


RateMyEspresso Rating:NOT SO SHITTY Thoughts: Very little crema, sort of a burnt taste. Cheap beans is probably the root of the problem at Starbucks, as the machines are likely quite good. However, by far this ...

May, 09


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