RateMyEspresso – NYC Espresso Ratings
DK is a European immigrant who loves great espresso. Upon immigrating to New York, she quickly realized that good espresso is quite rare Stateside. RateMyEspresso is her forum to identify and expose the best and the worst espresso NYC has to offer.

Good Espresso

French Roast Uptown

RateMyEspresso Rating: GOOD Thoughts: Good espresso. The coffee bean and machine here are worthy. So far, ┬áthis is the best espresso I’ve had on the UWS. I can’t give it the “very good” rating because ...

Jul, 04

Motek Creperie

RateMyEspresso Rating:GOOD Thoughts: They got me with the Lavazza sign hanging just outside their entrance. While their espresso machine was kind of lame, and the final output wasn’t as good as the Lavazza served at ...

Apr, 18
Artichoke Cafe

Artichoke Cafe

RateMyEspresso Rating: GOOD Thoughts: This seems to be the best espresso in the neighborhood. The flavor really lasts so they must be using a good quality bean. I think they could tweak or increase the ...

Apr, 06


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